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    you're more than welcome

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    Seeing some blasts from the past in that best players list. I tended to stick to DM - I like the hectiness of a busy DM level.

    You guys should try UT4. It’s been out for a while I know but I started playing it seriously about 3 months ago and now loving it. I’s got the UT99 feel to it and would be great to see some old Skool players have a go.

    Lots of rumours about whether Epic will keep it going given the focus they have on Fortnite but I hope they do cos it’s got the basics right.

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    I agree with you there Revvit

    UT4 is fun but i'm afraid i'm to attached to the old way that you connect to the game.
    The problem is that I cant choose whom to play with or on what server.

    Most players I play with on a daily bases I know for 10-15 years, some even longer.
    I can go to my favourite servers and meet them just as i would meet friends in a cafe.

    I know that they are there and I know that they have the same approach to the game
    (we like a relaxed atmos in our servers)

    And, and this may sound a bit weird, on occassion (ahum) I just may chat a bit with other players...

    That's something I miss in UT4.

    When there is a list of servers that I may choose from to log on to then I will probably will play it more often...



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    Please join us at now that MPUK servers are down.


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