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    The Good, Bad and Ugly Thread (Winter Warmer 2018)

    Hey all

    Thank you to everyone that came to the Winter Warmer event.

    As usual we like to get your feed back on everything StratLAN from those that came along so that we can see what went right and what not so much.

    So please leave your feedback in the following format:

    Golf with #####
    My new 360 camera
    Ticket Factory getting the tickets on sale at the right time
    Belmore Food <3
    Nice and relaxed event
    Community feedback that picked games (be prepared for more of this sort of community engagement)
    Being introduced to Planetside 2
    Finally found correctly fitting bin bags

    Golf with #####
    Being introduced to Planetside2
    Do feel too quiet at times

    Golf with #####
    Toilets when we arrived looked like not cleaned (words have been had)

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    SLAP @ StratLAN Review!

    Another great StratLAN from my point of view. Bought a large amount of first timers with me who are ex-insomnia attendees who have been looking for alternatives, and so far have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from all.

    Network stability was awesome!
    Community Games - Enjoyed playing TF2 for the first time in years!
    Belmore Food keeping us well fed for the weekend!
    Cheeky Nando's adventure
    Rubber Duck Army!
    Jungle Speed in the social games area (Thanks Joel for letting us use your expansion deck!)
    Armo's Iron Bru & Chocolate delivery services
    General SLAN atmosphere was ace as always

    Geo didn't provide the cookies he promised!
    The stress of attempting to play Getting Over It!
    Gents toilets - Lack of hand towels/dirty on day 1 (as mentioned in Dave's post above)
    Gents Showers - Very dirty also on day 1/throughout
    Female Showers - A note from Emma: Lights automatically go off after 5 minutes whilst you're in the showers.. not fun to shower in the dark!

    Nothing that I recall!

    I'll add more as I think of them...!

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    Fantastic event, will definitely be replaceing Insomnia for me! Feels more community oriented which is nice.

    Belmore - Don't think I've eaten that well in ages. I normally live on baked beans and toast.
    Card games were a great new experience.
    Friendly attitude of everyone there, just being able to strike up a conversation with anyone is really nice.

    Showers weren't that good/clean but they did the job.
    Gents showers' lights also went off after 5 minutes. Caught me out two separate days.

    Sleeping in the car for the first night...very cold. (Moved inside for the other nights)
    Morrisons not serving us alcohol (because one person forgot their ID) then being arses about it.

    On the whole, an amazing first time at SLAN! Will be returning for the Summer Party.

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    Network ran almost flawlessy. I've captured all the stats and will put together a "state of the net" post over the next few days
    Belmore Food. I'm still stuffed
    Planetside2. A game I've not played in a couple of years, but a damn good blast was had
    Staff - You bunch of cheerful buggers. <3
    Community games were great fun, although Henners - I'm never playing TF2 against you again
    Fast Packdown. Props to all there
    Tidyness! Seriously, as staff we usually have to tidy up the social area every day. This time it was just... tidy.. all the time. You guys are our favourite punters


    Gents toilets I think will be a theme here. Unfortunately they were in a state when we arrived
    No getting enough cake

    The nob'ead in the white transit who rear-ended me on the drive home then drove off. Lucky I got his number plate.

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    Event Crew!
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    Was at the same time at prior commitments.
    Did not enjoy missing it.

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    Rock Steady Network and Internet
    Food was good but a bit pricey from Belmont £3 for a coffee?
    Excellent chilled atmosphere and nice compact LAN
    Made some new friends
    Plenty of room in the sleeping area
    New Submarine Game
    Watched loads of the Winter Olympics
    Golf with Friends

    Not many of my old mates in attendance
    Toilets were a bit dirty but not as bad as some previous events
    No Port n Cheese evening (Although no subsequent hangover)
    My decoding skills on the enigma machine......Awful
    Sitting next to the speaker and some people's idea of music....Thrash Metal and Trance really?


    Nothing to see here

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArkonH View Post
    Community games were great fun, although Henners - I'm never playing TF2 against you again
    Thats what they all say... until the next stratlan

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    My views are extremely unlikely to coincide exactly with those of MPUK.

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    Overthinking it, probably
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    Not much to say about this one...

    The vast majority of things. Particularly enjoyed the big games and the fact we got to vote for them.

    Leavers! Latecomers! But... what can you do?


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