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    hi everyone new to this even was woundering if people could tell me what size of this event is (how many people attend) looking at coming with a few friends to get involved in the antics but the forum on here seems to be rather quiet about startlan? lookinf at coming to the xmas party event as its the next one up! any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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    1st rule of StratLAN - WE don't talk about it.
    2nd rule of StratLAN - we DON'T talk about it.
    3rd rule of StratLAN - we don't TALK about it.

    It's nothing like Insomnia.

    BYOB - Bring your own booze
    BYOF - Bring your own food
    BYOC - Bring your own computer/console
    BYOBG - Bring your own board games

    Basically, if you need it you bring it. The venue supplies you with a seat, a desk, a single power point and a Ethernet cable for networking.

    Max size - ~190
    Layout - single floor with an upstairs for sleeping/ additional seating if needed (this gives the 190 seating cap).

    Board games area - upstairs and in the reception area. Some people bring lots of games to share (Quietus), you bring your own as well.

    Sleeping arrangements - Camping/Caravanning/Indoors
    Camping - An area is usually set aside.
    Caravanning - don't know the arrangements for this as the race ground is setup as a caravan site between race events.
    Indoors - either upstairs or in the grandstand, this will be communicated at the event.

    There are wash areas with showers, make sure you use the showers and clean yourself at least once a day. This is to keep the stink to a minimum, you don't want to be THAT person that nobody wants to sit beside.

    Schedule - yes, all big games. No tournaments, don't expect prizes, there aren't any. This is a social LAN.

    Communications - Just as bad as Insomnia because nobody listens, me included.

    Xmas StratLAN specific events (these are both optional and you don't need to take part in either):-
    Friday night free bar.
    Secret SLANta

    There may be other events you and your friend want to organise for StratLAN because Christmas.

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    rule 4 - dont admit that its your first SLAN.... asking for bad things to happen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexdiner View Post
    BYOF - Bring your own food!!

    We are trying onsite catering now

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    Please read my guide, it should help you

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    I have heard news of a SLAN discord, anyone got a sneaky invite link for me?


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    I'm not sure you're mentally prepared...

    But here you go

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    Ta muchly

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