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    Frackin' Universe Upload

    Hey guys!

    In case the post-count of 1 fooled any of you, I'm brand new here and I'm struggling to figure out how to get mods working on my Starbound server. I did try to search first to see if the question has been asked - I'll bet it has been, but my search-fu didn't help me as much as I thought it would. I've done external research as well, and I found a lot of stuff about FTP. Frankly, I feel like I'm jumping into a foreign world with that, so any help in curing my deficiency of knowledge would be great.

    Anyway, from what I've been able to gather, there's an upload tool in my server dashboard that allows exactly what the name suggests - uploading files to the server, and there is a slot for Mods. Forgive me for what may seem like a question from a glue-sniffing troglodyte, but I just want to make sure - is this the method I need to use to apply the Frackin' Universe mod to my server?

    All the thanks.

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    Hi there,

    Please feel free to use the support team. Raise a ticket at and the team will help.



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