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    Question Evolved Gaming RUST and TS3 server concerns (1/24/2014 @ 12:48PM CST)


    I have already gone through the support ticket process, and they reassure me that they are working on the issue. Many other servers are worst off than ours as far as losing player base. We have a lot of community practices in place that helps with player retention, and I have been able to ward off a lot of the damage caused by servers being down like this.

    I am concerned though that my TS3 server is also offline. It went down around 8PM last night and has yet to come back up. I was just wondering if this is affected by the DDOS as well. In the past our TS3 has not been affected by it, and it does damage to not have the TS3 up for the community.

    I also would like to know what everyone else knows about what is going on. I've been keeping track on the NEWS for Clan forge just waiting for the DDOS to be fixed. But, I've noticed some posts about an update that is causing issues on servers so any information on that might help me get some work done now so I don't have to do it when the server comes back online and I'm scrambling to fix things.

    Thank you
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    Anyone else us multiplay for their TS3 server as well as their RUST server? I am just wanting to see if I'm not the only one experiencing my TS3 server not working alongside my RUST.

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