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    Come join us for our bi-weekly Steam Card giveaway tonight ($10) open to all active players on the server (2 hours min between 5-9pm EST)

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    We have RaidNotice plugin so you can have Discord PM you when getting raided.

    We also have a new CUSTOM plugin you will find ONLY on this server
    When you log off:
    Hour 1 Offline = normal protection
    Hours 2-12 = 2x base protection
    Hours 13-24 = 1.5x base protection
    After 24 hours offline = 1.0x base protection

    You might say, there's a plugin out there that does exactly this. AntiRaidProtection
    This is similar but much more refined. First this uses TC Auth and not who placed the block.
    This also has custom messages for when you enter the TC area telling you the protection value.

    This is a HUGE plugin and on top of the other great plugins we offer at Rust In Peace I feel we offer a premium experience for the players and continue to strive to be the best.

    We at RustInPeace value quality players over quantity. We strived to offer a NON-TOXIC environment for everyone to enjoy

    If you like what you see please click below for the full server details.

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