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    Multiple Minecraft Profiles / Selecting Mods

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for taking time to view this thread.

    I am new to MP and I just started up a Minecraft server. During the past two weeks, a question has cropped up and I can't seem to find an answer.

    I am running Minecraft (Vanilla) and I have created multiple profiles, one for a combat map, one for fantasy and one for just plain testing. I do not install the mods via ClanForge, rather I upload them via FTP into the server 'mod' folder. Problem is, when I switch to any profile...all of the mods are available on the currently selected mod profile. Is there a way (similar to how the CF control Addon panel works that allows mods to be associated/activated with profiles) to only designate what mods are to be activated with respective profiles? For example, I really dont want my gamers to be able to utilize some of the many cool war mods (i.e., nuclear explosives) on my adventure profile/map. Last thing I need is my 6 year old son nuking my castle build (and yes, he will).

    If there is a config file that I am not seeing or a way to specify how mods are associated with different profiles, I would love to know.

    Thanks all,


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    Mods installed my Clanforge are the only ones it knows about, if you install them via FTP they will not be altered by Clanforge I'm afraid.

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    Chief Tech Gimp

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, this seems to be the case.

    When you create a new profile in CF, it creates a new world folder on the server where the world files go (DIMs, etc.) would have been great if it created a new mod folder in that file too.

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