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    When I download my map there is no nether folder. (Converting bukkit->vanilla)

    I'm the admin of a very active server that was running Bukkit.

    We never really use any of Bukkit's features, and with Bukking taking forever to update to 1.3, I figured I might as well just revert to Vanilla. Easy right?

    Well sure enough, I can do the steps online and change my server to Vanilla in about 30 seconds, but then my Nether and End are missing. That's a problem because well over half my server population resides in the Nether. So I reverted back to Bukkit 1.25 and the Nether was back and worked fine. From what I gather online, that's expected because of how the save folders work.

    In Vanilla
    -The overwold save files are found in [....\World\region]
    -The Nether save files are found in [....\World\DIM-1\region]
    -The End save files are found in [....\World\DIM1\region]

    In bukkit
    "Bukkit creates three folders, worldname, worldname_nether, and worldname_the_end"

    So I figured the reason why converting to Vanilla reset the Nether was because the vanilla client searched for a "DIM-1" folder and found nothing so it made a new one. The original Nether folder was still there in the world files, its just in a folder with a different name and the Vanilla client doesn't know to read it! Therefore to fix this problem it would be easy, I could just download the entire, rename the nether sub folder, and then re-upload the world! Easy right?

    Well that's where I hit a real problem. I downloaded my server's file and there is no nether folder anywhere inside it! Just "data", "players", and "region". Region just containing several dozen randomly named data files. I was confused at the lack of any nether folder and thought it was just a download error. I went back online and downloaded a world backup from seven days ago, but the same thing happens, the download that clanforge gives me is missing any and all Nether files.

    Does clanforge just not let you download your Nether folder? Or does clanforge just merge all the folders into one big "region" folder or something. This is very strange. Anyone know how the nether folder is stored online?

    Or perhaps we can sidestep this entire issue if anyone knows an easier way convert a bukkit server back to Vanilla without losing the Nether?

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    You have to grab them with FTP, the Clanforge backups only effect the current world folder. So FTP to your server then grab your nether and end folder and the manually combine them back into your world folder.

    And that should fix it up for you.

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