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    Exclamation Unknown Host when trying to connect to my MC server

    I just got a 4 player Minecraft server and I'm having some problems. My first problem was I couldn't figure out how to get the mods to show up, but I found a post here on the forums that said to set up a new profile. I did that, got bukkit on, selected the mods I wanted, set my mod config files, and saved as I went.

    Now my problem is I can not connect to the server. It tells me unknown host. Below is my server info (I put 0s in because I don't want others to log on :P)

    Name Multiplay :: Gameserver
    Game / Mod Minecraft
    Profile MH58708 #0
    Query Port 00000
    Admin Port 00000
    PunkBuster Port 00000
    Machine hern9
    ServerId 65819
    Game Type minecraft
    Players 0 of 4

    I put in the Address number am I putting the wrong thing in to connect? Also, if someone with a decent number of posts wants the real address number, PM me and I'll give it to you if you're willing to help me. I did submit a ticket, but to be honest, they haven't gotten to me and I'm impatient, and I'm pretty sure it's a user error lol

    I do have to say I'm getting pretty annoyed with this. I've had the server for 12 hours and STILL can connect.

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    Apparently, if you copy and paste your IP, it doesn't like you. So, problem solved.

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    Nice ip lol.

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    Make sure your typing the IP in or paste it into notepad first to remove any formatting chars.

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