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    Bukkit Plugin List

    There's a lotta Bukkit plugins available on Multiplay. I decided to figure out what they (most of them) do. Some plugins I couldn't find any information on, hence the "NOT FOUND" beside a few of them. Some are no longer supported, hence the "LISTED INACTIVE" by their name.

    Either way, here ya go.

    Admin Plugins:
    AdminChat: Provides a private ops-only chat - [CHAT] AdminChat v1.3 - Private chatting for OPs [556] [Permissions] | Bukkit Forums

    AdminCmd: Series of various administrative commands -

    Anti-Creeper: Prevents all Creeper spawns - [MISC] AntiCreeper v1.0 - Prevents creepers from spawning [556] | Bukkit Forums

    AntiGrief: Zone protection & anti-griefing measures -

    Authorize: Forces users to have authorization before building - [ADMN] Authorize build 19 - AuthCraft-like plugin (554+) | Bukkit Forums

    AutoMessage: Broadcasts automatic messages - [INFO] AutoMessage v1.5 - Broadcast Automatic Messages [544] | Bukkit Forums

    Bacon: Burning pigs drop cooked meat -

    Bandages: Allows player to heal themselves with bandage items: [MECH] Bandages v1.2 - Lets players heal themselves with bandages. [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Bedrock Control: Place/remove/mine bedrock - [ADMN] BedrockControl v1.2 - Place, remove bedrock and get a drop! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Bedrock Fix: Replaces bedrock with other blocks as the player travels -

    Chest Lock: Locking mechanics for chests, furnaces and doors -

    CommandBook: Adds new various commands - [GEN/ADMN] CommandBook 1.2 - General cmds! New: /kit /rocket /slap /ban /spawnmob /barrage, more! | Bukkit Forums

    CommandHelper: Repeats last command & other functionality - [MISC] CommandHelper [2.0.1] - Command aliases! Repeat last command! 1.3 ready [531] | Bukkit Forums

    ContainerProtect: Chest/Furnace/Dispenser locking & control - [MECH] ContainerProtect v1.04 - Chest, Furnace and Dispenser control [432-556] | Bukkit Forums

    CraftBook: Redstone options & more - [MECH] CraftBook [3.0-alpha1] - Redstone bridges, gates, minecarts, ICs (soon), more | Bukkit Forums

    Crowd Control: Limit mob spawning on a per-mob basis - [MECH] CrowdControl 0.21 - Simple Creature Control [440-527] | Bukkit Forums

    DisableCMD: Disables given commands for players - PlgDisableCmd v1.2 - disable given commands [602] | Bukkit Forums

    EasyNews: Server-wide news options -

    EpicZones: Area protection - [SEC] EpicZones v0.18 - Polygon Based Area Protection - Now With Multi World Borders! [493-531] | Bukkit Forums

    Essentials List: Does what they say on the tin - [GEN] Essentials v2.0: Collection of Essential Plugins in One Package [531] | Bukkit Forums

    Fairspawn: Enables multiple spawn locations - [INACTIVE][MECH] FairSpawn v1.2 - Balanced individual spawn locations [450] | Bukkit Forums - LISTED INACTIVE

    FalseBook: CraftBook replacement - [MECH] FalseBook 0.78.1 - CraftBook for Bukkit, OVER 50ICs, Gates,MinecartControl&etc![548-579] | Bukkit Forums

    Friendlies: Permission-based monster whitelist - [SEC] Friendlies v1.2: A Permissions-based monster whitelist. [556+] | Bukkit Forums

    FriendlyCreepers: Makes creepers friendlier or something idk didn't bother to check since it's inactive :P - LISTED INACTIVE

    God Powers: God-mode abilities - [Admin/Misc] God Powers for Bukkit! [527] | Bukkit Forums

    GriefAlert: Griefing alert plugin - [SEC] GriefAlert Reborn 0.5 - Supports both Group Manager and Permissions [531] | Bukkit Forums

    HelpPages: Custom index & sub /help pages - [GEN] HelpPages 1.2 [493] Custom index and sub /help pages | Bukkit Forums

    Jail: Allows you to send players to jail - [ADMN] Jail v0.5.5 - Jail bad players [556] | Bukkit Forums

    LightVote: Vote for day/night cycle - [CHAT] Lightvote v1.59 - vote for day/night [559] | Bukkit Forums

    LimitSpawns: Stops mob spawns on certain blocks -

    LogBlock: Logs block placement/changes -

    LoginMessage: MOTD with broadcast, online list, & more - [INFO] LoginMessage v0.6 [#556] - MOTD with broadcast msg, online list, location services, and more! | Bukkit Forums

    Lottery: Buy tickets for a lottery - [FUN] Lottery 0.2.2 - Let your users buy tickets to a lottery [556,531] | Bukkit Forums

    LWC: Chest protection & management - [SEC/MECH] LWC v2.00 - MySQL! - Lightweight Inventory Protection & Management [493+] | Bukkit Forums

    MCBans: Kick/Ban system - [ADMN/SEC] MCBans v2.7.4 Complete Kick/Ban/Global Ban System [CB493+] | Bukkit Forums

    MinecartMania: Good old Minecart Mania; various enhancements for minecarts & rails -

    Minestalker: Tracks users online times - [INFO] Minestalker v1.0 - Check when a user was online [556] | Bukkit Forums

    MobControl: Controls mob paramaters/AI -

    Mobile Admin: Allows server administration from Android phones - [ADMN] Minecraft Mobile Admin for Android v2.4 [602] | Bukkit Forums

    Name Changer: Change player's display name - [CHAT] Basic Name Changer [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Nether: Allows players to travel to the Nether - [TP] Nether v1.1 - Super-Simple Nether Portals [531] | Bukkit Forums

    NetherGate: Allows players to travel to the Nether, does not work with Essentials - [TP/FUN] NetherGate v0.54 - Just Like Single Player! [478-556] | Bukkit Forums

    NetStats: Keeps track of player playtime & online status - [INFO, WEB] Netstats v3.3 - Keeps track of player playtime and online status [527+] | Bukkit Forums

    NoCheat: Detects exploiting in Minecraft - [SEC] NoCheat v0.7.6 - Detect and Fight the exploitation of various Flaws/Bugs in MC [#556] | Bukkit Forums

    NoExplode: Prevents explosions -

    Permissions: Enhanced permission editing for users - [ADMN/DEV] Permissions v2.5.4 (Phoenix) - Now with real MultiWorld Permissions! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Persistence: Data enhancements (backend stuff) for MC - [DEV] Persistence v0.62 - Data-Driven Bukkit [440 - 522] | Bukkit Forums

    PreciousStones: Adds a variety of new block functionality for MC - [SEC/MECH] PreciousStones v2.9.2 - With new Proximity Mine !!! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Reserved: Enhanced reserved slot functionality - [INACTIVE][ADMN/GEN] Reserved v2.2.2b - The ultimate slot reservation plugin [490] | Bukkit Forums - LISTED INACTIVE

    SignOwner: Displays information on who placed what signs -

    SimpleProtect: Simple border/zone protection plugin - [INACTIVE][SEC] SimpleProtect v? - [144-148+] | Bukkit Forums - LISTED INACTIVE

    Sponge: Probably has *something* to do with sponges, but... NOT FOUND

    StopFire: Stops fire - [SEC] vStopFire v1.2 [531+] | Bukkit Forums

    Super Powers: NOT FOUND

    Towny: Town/Resident hierarchy mod - [SEC/FUN/INFO] Towny v0.59 - Resident/Town/Nation hierarchy + Grid Based Protection [531] | Bukkit Forums

    Whitelist: Adds a whitelist for Bukkit - [ADMN/GEN] Whitelist v2.7 [431-556] | Bukkit Forums

    iConomy: Adds an economy mod - [ECON] iConomy 4.6.1 (Kenzi) [493-592] | Bukkit Forums

    mcMMO: Adds in an RPG system - [MECH] mcMMO v0.9.10 - RPG Addiction Redefined! Permissions Support! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    WorldEdit: Powerful world-editing tools - [EDIT/SEC] WorldEdit [4.2] World/cuboid editing - NOW AVAILABLE: CLIENT SIDE ADDON [531] | Bukkit Forums

    WorldGuard: World protection tools - [SEC] WorldGuard [4.0-alpha1] - Protection, blacklist, antifire | 5.0 NEWS: | Bukkit Forums

    rTrigger: Group-based MoTD and other functionalities - [INFO] rTriggers v1.2 [602] - Group-based MotD + Tips + Obituaries + Customization! | Bukkit Forums

    Fun Addons:
    Airstrike: Calls in a Creeper or TNT airstrike - [FUN]Airstrike v1.0. - raining TNT, creperssSS (Permissions) [493] | Bukkit Forums

    Blockhead: Puts a block. On your head. - [FUN] BlockHead v0.3.2 - a simple plugin for putting blocks on your head [493] | Bukkit Forums

    BoosterTrax: Minecart track booster blocks -

    DiscoSheep: Summons a sheep rave - [FUN] DiscoSheep v0.3 Uninvited guesssts! (Permissions and source code) [522] | Bukkit Forums

    Epic Gates: Designed to replace the old WarpGates plugin - [TP] EpicGates v0.3 - Warp Gates - Now with in game gate and world creation! [493-531] | Bukkit Forums

    FishPeople: Golden helmets allow players to stay underwater longer (or forever) - [MECH] FishPeople v1.2 - Gold Helmet = Infinite Air While Swimming [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Gastronomic: Hunger & survival mod - [MECH] Gastronomic v1.31 - A Fully Featured Hunger/Thirst Plugin [531+][Permissions] | Bukkit Forums

    HigherExplosives: Allows you to control explosion size & item drops - [FUN] HigherExplosives v1.4 - Control explosion size and percentage of items dropped [556] | Bukkit Forums

    JumpBlock: Adds a jump block - [FUN] JumpBlock v0.9 [535] | Bukkit Forums

    MonsterTamer: Tame monsters - [FUN/MECH] MonsterTamer v1.23 - Command your own monsters [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Multiverse: Teleport between worlds - [MISC/TP/FUN] MultiVerse v1.5 - NetherPortals to Multiple Worlds [440-531] | Bukkit Forums

    MusicCraft: Enhanced support for music playing & note blocks - [FUN/MECH] MusicCraft v1.4 - Compose music! Play it with note blocks! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    SignLift: Simple elevator mod - [MECH] SignLift v0.6 - Elevators with signs [405-495+] | Bukkit Forums

    Spyer: Invisibility and other spying tools for moderators -

    TradeCraft: Economy mod - [ECON] TradeCraft v0.7 - Chest/Gold Based Economy! [531] | Bukkit Forums

    Vampire: Vampirism mod - [MECH/FUN] Vampire v1.4 - Add the horror of vampirism to your server [531] | Bukkit Forums

    VirtualChest: Commands to enable a private, virtual chest for your character -

    Wand: Command-less access to the Spells plugin -

    WolfPound: Allows players to spawn wolf pets -

    Warpz0r: Multi-world warp & home plugin - [TP] Warpz0r v1.09 - Multiworld Warp and Home plugin - iConomy 4.0 Support! [b556jnks] | Bukkit Forums

    properTime: Control the speed of time - [FIX/MECH] properTime v1.8.4 - Control the speed of time (+multiworld) [559] | Bukkit Forums

    iConomyDeath: Takes money from players on death -


    0 Not allowed!
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    Gameplay Altering Addons:

    AntiBreak: NOT FOUND

    AppleTree: Trees drop apples - [MECH] AppleTree v0.4 - Trees now drop apples! | Bukkit Forums

    AutoRepair: Repair tools & armour - [MECH] AutoRepair v1.91 - repair your tools and armour [RB 531+] | Bukkit Forums

    Backpack: Gives nine additional inventory pages - [MECH] Backpack v1.1 (The Ultimate Inventory Expander!) [522-600] (1.3 only) | Bukkit Forums

    BankAccount: Gives a shared bank account using iConomy -

    Basic Name Changer: Simplistic name changing commands -

    Bettershop: iConomy-based command shop - [ECON] BetterShop 1.6.2- iConomy Global Command-based Shop [531] | Bukkit Forums

    BlastPick: Area-of-effect pick to destroy multiple blocks - [EDIT/FUN] BlastPick - Clear your path. [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Blastcontrol: TNT & Creeper restrictions/mods - [SEC] BlastControl v1.0.1 - Flexible TNT and Creeper restrictions/modifications [531] | Bukkit Forums

    BorderGuard Turbo: Map size/area limiting tools -

    ClassicFluids: Makes fluids behave similar to old MC - [MECH] ClassicFluids v2.0 [B-451 CB-531] | Bukkit Forums

    Cleaner: Helps you manage other user's inventories, including forced removal of items -

    Citizens: NPC addon - [MECH] Citizens v1.07d - NPCs for Bukkit (Traders, Guards, Quests coming soon!) [556] | Bukkit Forums

    CivilizedSpawn: Prevents monsters from spawning in settled areas -

    CommandSigns: Allows signs to run commands - [MECH]CommandSigns v0.35 - Issue commands using signs [551] | Bukkit Forums

    CookBook: Custom crafting & smelting recipes - [MECH] Cookbook v1.3 - Custom Crafting and Smelting recipes! (Client-side is here!) [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Cookiez: Adds cookies as a drop from zombies and more -

    CreativeStick: Long-range block removal (works like iStick) -

    Creature Box: Allows you to trade creature spawners - [Fix/Misc] creaturebox v 0.6.0 - Make creature spawners tradable [544] | Bukkit Forums

    Cuboid: Area-protection plugin -

    DeathMessages: NOT FOUND

    DeathSigns: Drops a sign on death -

    DeathTpPlus: Enhanced tracking/functionality for in-game death -

    Drop Bonus: Loot table configuration tool - [MECH] DropBonus v2.3 - Loot table configuration tool - [432-556] | Bukkit Forums

    DropChest: Spawns a chest that automatically picks up dropped items -

    Elevators: Elevator mod - [MECH] Elevators v1.4 [RB #556] | Bukkit Forums

    Factions: Guilds & factions mod - [SEC/FUN] Factions v1.1.2 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [556] | Bukkit Forums

    FastObby: Allows you to mine obsidian faster -

    FenceStack: Place fences above other fences -

    Flow Control: Allows you to control water/lava with redstone connections -

    Fly, Ridge, Fly!: Flight mod for MC - [FUN] Fly, Ridge, Fly! v1.5.1 - The original flight plugin for Minecraft SMP [531] | Bukkit Forums

    FoundDiamonds: Alerts server when a player discovers diamonds -

    General: Assorted commands - [GEN] General 3.3 (Dvorak) -- A plugin for general commands [560] | Bukkit Forums

    Growbie: Allows bonemeal to spread other vegetation in the game -

    GuestPrev: Provides a host of tools to prevent guests from griefing -

    HeroChat: Chat channel plugin - [CHAT] HeroChat v4.8.2 - Comprehensive Chat Channel Plugin! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    HeroSneak: Auto-sneak plugin - [MISC] HeroSneak 1.0.4 - The Auto Sneak plugin to hide your name! [302~527+] | Bukkit Forums

    HeroicDeath: Server-broadcasted death announcements - [INFO] HeroicDeath v1.6.1 - Customizable server broadcasts on player death [211~556+] | Bukkit Forums

    IceDrop: Break ice blocks, get a drop -

    InfChests: NOT FOUND

    InstantArmor: Armour spawning mod - [ADMN] InstantArmor v1.3 - Instant Armor with own permission system [522] | Bukkit Forums

    Invincible Tools: Invincible armour and tools -

    ItemID: Displays the item id of your held item -

    KitsPlugin: NOT FOUND

    Lampstone: Lights which turn on/off depending on time of day in-game - [MECH] Lampstone v0.4 - Automatic night-time lamps [531] | Bukkit Forums

    Levelcraft: RPG system - [MECH] Levelcraft v2.4 - A leveling up RP plugin[522] | Bukkit Forums

    Localshop: Player shop for iConomy - [ECON] LocalShops 1.15b - Player Shops for iConomy [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Magic Carpet: Adds a magic carpet command for flight - [FUN] MagicCarpet v1.4.5: Take yourself wonder by wonder [556] | Bukkit Forums

    MineQuest: RPG system - [MECH] MineQuest v0.31 - RPG System with Customizable Quests [556] | Bukkit Forums

    MobRider: Allows you to mount other creatures/players with a saddle -

    Money2XP: Train skills using cash (requires mcMMO & iConomy/BOSEconomy) -

    MonsterTriggers: Make monsters talk & other things - [INFO/FUN] MonsterTriggers v0.2 - Make monsters talk! And stuff. [556] | Bukkit Forums

    MonsterHunt: Monster-hunting quests - [FUN]MonsterHunt v0.4.3 - Make players hunt monsters [556] | Bukkit Forums

    MoveCraft: Allows for building movable objects (planes/boats/etc.) - [MECH/FUN] MoveCraft v0.6.7 - Cars, Planes, and Boats made of blocks(+Perms) [531] | Bukkit Forums

    MultiInv: Per-world inventories for multi-world servers - [MECH] MultiInv V1.4.0b - Per World Inventories [440-531] | Bukkit Forums

    Multichannel: Channel chat plugin - [CHAT] MultiChannel v1.1a - Create and manage multiple channels [556] [Permissions support] | Bukkit Forums

    MultipleHomes: Have multiple homes - [TP] MultipleHomes - As many Homes as you wish. [556] | Bukkit Forums

    MyHome: Enhanced support for the /home command - [INACTIVE][TP] MyHome v1.9.3: Now with Respawn to Home [531] | Bukkit Forums LISTED INACTIVE

    NameSpace: Simple 'zone naming' for areas in MC - [INFO][MECH] Namespace v1.3.6 - Name your places[670] | Bukkit Forums

    NaturalGiants: Allows for a chance for HUGE mobs to spawn - [MECH] NaturalGiants v1.10 - Make Giants Spawn Naturally [617] | Bukkit Forums

    NPCX: NPC bots with pathing, loot, chat and more - [FUN] NPCX + Civilizations! [670] Everquest style BOTS, paths, aggro, loot, guard, shops, quest chat | Bukkit Forums

    NoDrop: Keep items after death - [MECH] NoDrop v0.2.2 - Control User Drops on Death [527 - 556] | Bukkit Forums

    Noon: Keeps the sun at high noon - [MECH] [CB572+] Noon [Sun Always Up in middle of sky] | Bukkit Forums

    ObsidianFlow: Turns flowing lava into obsidian when touched by water - [MECH] ObsidianFlow v1.0 - Flowing Lava turns to Obsidian when touched by Water [617] [670] | Bukkit Forums

    Picasso: Clothing painting plugin - [FUN] Picasso 2.5 - the cloth painter plugin (520+) | Bukkit Forums

    PlgWarp: warps.txt support for multiworld servers - [TP] PlgWarp v2.0 - warps.txt & multiworld [677] | Bukkit Forums

    Portcullis: Lets you create a portcullis - [MECH] Portcullis 1.2a [493+] | Bukkit Forums

    (continued next post)

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    Gameplay Altering Addons (continued)

    QuickBelt: Inventory slot auto-reload - [MECH/FIX] QuickBelt 0.1.6 - Auto-reloading for your inventory slots! [531] | Bukkit Forums

    QuickStrasse: Travel faster on roads - [MECH/FUN] QuickStrasse v0.72 - Fastest Minecraft Transport [527-556] | Bukkit Forums

    RealShop: Chest shopping system - [ECON] RealShop v0.56 - Shop using chests (iConomy/BOSEconomy/standalone) [560] | Bukkit Forums

    Residence: Area protection system - [SEC/MECH/ECON] Residence v1.2.5 - Self serve area protection system! Buy/Sell Land! IConomy! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Runecraft: It's Runecraft - [Software][Plugin][Bukkit] Runecraft 2.4.5 [1.3_01] - Minecraft Forums

    SignColours: Coloured text on signs - [MISC] SignColours v0.3 - for allowing coloured text on signs [551] | Bukkit Forums

    SimpleBarter: Simple inventory trading system - [MECH] SimpleBarter 1.2 - inventory trading [612-677] | Bukkit Forums

    SimpleHome: Simple set home plugin - [TP] SimpleHome v1.5 [415-556] | Bukkit Forums

    SimpleShop: iConomy-based shop - [ECON] SimpleShop [1.41] - An iConomy Shop [493-531] | Bukkit Forums

    SimpleSignEdit: Edits signs with right-click - [MECH] SimpleSignEdit v1.1 - Edit signs with right-click! [602-670] | Bukkit Forums

    SkyPirates: Various transport additions - [MECH] SkyPirates - Planes, submarines, hoverboats and more! [556][Permissions] | Bukkit Forums

    SlimeMod: NOT FOUND (says it removes slimes in clanforge, i tend to believe it)

    Slots: Sign-based slot machines - [ECON] Slots v0.4.5 - Sign based slot machines ! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Spawn Control: Per-player spawns - [GEN] SpawnControl v0.7 - Per-Player/Group Spawns (Cooldowns! Permissions optional!) [493] | Bukkit Forums

    Spawn List: Item white/blacklist - [ADMN] Spawn List v0.7.2 - Item Whitelist/Blacklist (Permissions/Console Support!) [490+] | Bukkit Forums

    SpawnMob: Mob spawning commands - [ADMN/FUN] SpawnMob V1.8.1 Bug fixes [556] | Bukkit Forums

    SpawnX: Basic /spawn functionality mod - [GEN/TP] SpawnX v0.5 - Basic Spawn Plugin [677] | Bukkit Forums

    Spells: Various 'spells' for MC - [FUN] Spells v0.993 - Magic for exploring, building, combat and more [577] | Bukkit Forums

    StarGate: Portal mod - [TP] Stargate v0.29 [Beta] - The Bukkit port. A portal plugin [b556jnks] | Bukkit Forums

    Superheat: Makes gold tools 'smelt' ores/materials on mining - [MECH] Superheat v1.3 - It's hot![522+] | Bukkit Forums

    TelePlus: Enhanced teleporting functionality - [TP] TelePlus 1.6: for all your teleporting needs, finally with /tp toggle (Help support) [493] | Bukkit Forums

    TimeAnnounce: Server-wide time announcements and clock signs - [INFO] TimeAnnounce v1.1 - Hourly time announcements, ClockSigns [456-495+, 602,670] | Bukkit Forums

    Tombstone: Drop a chest with your items on death - [MISC] Tombstone v1.09 - A deadmans chest plugin for Bukkit [b556jnks] | Bukkit Forums

    TorchBurn: Allows you to carry a torch instead of placing it - [MECH] TorchBurn v1.2 - Carry torches rather than placing them [556,565] | Bukkit Forums

    TravelPortals: Portal mod, similar to Stargates - [TP] TravelPortals 1.5 [617, 67x] | Bukkit Forums

    Tunnelr: Automated tunneling plugin - [MECH] Tunnelr (Ported road walker) v1.2.1 [617] | Bukkit Forums

    Turnstile: Charge money upon entering an area - [MECH] Turnstile v1.2.1 - Charge players money/items to enter an area [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Vanish: Turn invisible! - [ADMN][SEC] Vanish v1.5 - CraftBukkit Only [531] | Bukkit Forums

    Vegetation: Sets the WildGrass mod, as well as letting vegetation grow and spread - [FUN/MISC] Vegetation 2.11 - Wild Grass, Plants and Moss Growth, Grazing Animals [556] | Bukkit Forums

    VoxelDoop: Block-editing tools - [FUN/MECH] VoxelDoop v1.6 - Never Run Out of Blocks Again [527] | Bukkit Forums

    VoxelPort: Location-based teleporting system - [TP] VoxelPort v1.7 - Travel In Style and On Schedule [527] | Bukkit Forums

    War: Team Deathmatch & Capture The Flag plugin - [MECH/FUN] War v1.3.2 (Rokossovsky) - Minecraft TDM & CTF [556] | Bukkit Forums

    WolfSpawn: Pet wolves respawn on death - [MECH] WolfSpawn v0.4 - pet wolves respawn when they die, spawn wolf [Permissions][670] | Bukkit Forums

    Wormhole X-Treme: Multi-world capable portal plugin - [TP] Wormhole X-Treme - Multi-World Capable Stargates v0.833 [670, 674, 677] | Bukkit Forums

    ecoCreature: Enhanced drops & functionality for monster slaying - [ECON] ecoCreature 0.0.5a - PvM/E Rewards [670-677] | Bukkit Forums

    iChat: Chat formatting mod - [CHAT] iChat 2.2.0 - Custom Chat Formatting [b556jnks] | Bukkit Forums

    iZone: Zone/border protection mod - [INACTIVE][MISC] iZone v5.6 - A Zone Protection System [531] | Bukkit Forums - LISTED INACTIVE

    mGold: Economy Mod - [ECON] mGold v0.95 [679] | Bukkit Forums

    nSpleef: Spleef (PvP) mod - [FUN] nSpleef 0.3 - Spleef for the win! [556] | Bukkit Forums

    uQuest: Customizable quest system - [FUN/ECON] uQuest v1.01 - Overly customizable quest system! CB [556] & CB[531] & CB[493] | Bukkit Forums

    xWarp: Fork of the MyWarp project - [TP] xWarp v2.9.0 - a MyWarp fork [670] | Bukkit Forums

    Map Fix Addons:

    Misc Addons:
    ColorMe: Adds colour to player names - [CHAT] ColorMe v1.3 - Add color to player names [RBs 493-556] | Bukkit Forums

    ControllerBlock: Toggle blocks on/off with redstone - [MECH] ControllerBlock v1.15 - Toggle blocks on/off with redstone [531] | Bukkit Forums

    Help: Advanced help menu options - [INFO] Help 0.2: The smart /help menu [531] | Bukkit Forums

    FakeMessages: NOT FOUND


    MCDocs: Definable documentation commands - [INFO] MCDocs v5.2.2 ~ Show your users information , using a command that you define. [556] | Bukkit Forums

    MCProfessions: NOT FOUND

    MonkeyMod: NOT FOUND

    MySQL: Used to let mods connect to a MySQL database, do not remove.

    RetractableBridge: Allows for retractable bridge blocks - [MECH] RetractableBridge v1.3.4 - Easy and realistic retractable bridges [556-670] | Bukkit Forums

    SQLite: Used to let mods connect to a SQLite database, do not remove.

    ScrapBukkit: ScrapBukkit is a plugin for CraftBukkit with the basic functionality added into the server. This ScrapBukkit will mst likely be a default plugin in the final version of CraftBukkit.

    iConomyChestShop: Chest shop for iConomy plugin - [ECON] iConomyChestShop v1.0 Alpha 6 - Chest shop for iConomy [556] | Bukkit Forums

    Reporters for IRC:

    CraftIRC: IRC reporter for Minecraft - [ADMN/CHAT] CraftIRC 2.0 Preview Builds: now available - Minecraft + IRC = harmony [531] | Bukkit Forums

    Restricting Addons:
    Lockette (Chest Security): [SEC] Lockette v1.3.2 - Simple chest and DOOR lock, no databases! [552-567+] | Bukkit Forums

    Stats Addons:
    Achievements: Customizable achievement tracker - [INFO] Stats [v0.9] and Achievements [v0.9][556] | Bukkit Forums

    Stats: Tracks player stats for the Achievement mod - [INFO] Stats [v0.9] and Achievements [v0.9][556] | Bukkit Forums

    List of Conflicts:
    The following plugins do not play nice with each other, and cannot be active at the same time on a server.


    Please let me know if there's anything wrong or otherwise missing in these lists. =)

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    Last edited by Kintaii; 15th April 2011 at 20:10.

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    love what you've done here so I decided to help out :P

    Authorize: [ADMN] Authorize build 19 - AuthCraft-like plugin (554+) | Bukkit Forums

    Fairspawn: [INACTIVE][MECH] FairSpawn v1.2 - Balanced individual spawn locations [450] | Bukkit Forums - Listed inactive

    MCCondom: [SEC] MCCondom v1.0 - Catch Griefers in the Act - [8/9] | Bukkit Forums - Not approved for release

    Mobile Admin: [ADMN] Minecraft Mobile Admin for Android v2.4 [602] | Bukkit Forums

    Reserved: [INACTIVE][ADMN/GEN] Reserved v2.2.2b - The ultimate slot reservation plugin [490] | Bukkit Forums - Listed inactive

    SimpleProtect: [INACTIVE][SEC] SimpleProtect v? - [144-148+] | Bukkit Forums - Listed inactive

    Warpgate: [INACTIVE]WarpGate v1.5 [Linked Portals/Gates] | Bukkit Forums - Listed inactive

    AFK Kick: [INACTIVE][ADMN] Afk-Kick v0.2 - kicking AFK players (166+) | Bukkit Forums - Listed inactive

    Backpack: [MECH] Backpack v1.1 (The Ultimate Inventory Expander!) [522-600] (1.3 only) | Bukkit Forums

    Healthy Names: [INACTIVE][MISC, CHAT] HealthyNames v0.3, colored names in chat based on health [439] | Bukkit Forums - Listed inactive

    Sign Dispenser: [INACTIVE][FUN] SignDispenser v0.2.0 Right Click Signs for items [83] | Bukkit Forums - Listed inactive

    iZone: [INACTIVE][MISC] iZone v5.6 - A Zone Protection System [531] | Bukkit Forums - Listed inactive

    MySQL: used to let mods connect to a MySQL database, do not remove

    SQLite: used to let mods connect to a SQLite database, do not remove

    ScrapBukkit: ScrapBukkit is a plugin for CraftBukkit with the basic functionality added into the server. This ScrapBukkit will mst likely be a default plugin in the final version of CraftBukkit.

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    lol zh i already posted those ones

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    List updated - Cheers for the help, guys. =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by marksteele6 View Post
    lol zh i already posted those ones
    ugh sorry i was quite sleepy at that time and the outcome was "*scroll scroll scroll* gotta help before bed...zzzz"

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    Too bad you going to have to update this all over again. Thanks though it really helped me find out about some plug-ins I missed. It was a real pain looking each of these up in bukkit when I was setting up my server. Is it me or does the search function on Bukkit forums suck?

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    we need some creature and weapon mods!

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