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    Change spawn location


    I have just created my first Minecraft server and was wondering if it's possible to change the spawn location? the default location is in water and I wanted to move it onto land. Also the default /set home and /home commands dont apear to work. Is there a setting that i need to change for these?

    I did a search and it only came back with results of people wanting to change their personal spawn not anything about changing the servers spawn.

    Thanks for your time.

    EDIT: I now have hmod running Minecraft with hmod(v1.3) but all the admins lost the default admin commands i.e. tp, give etc and i couldnt seem to use /setspawn. when i typed /help, /setspawn was not on the list.

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    Wel if your server has hmod running the command is /setspawn

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    Make sure your server IS running hmod in your profiles tab on ClanForge. If it's not, create a new hMod enabled profile and edit your server to be using it.

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    There is a great plugin with this, it haves alot ALOT of settings that are very usefull
    Called "Spawn Control", you will find it in your cpanel on your server.

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