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  1. Hello you triggerhappy maniacs!

    When I installed UT on my PC in 99 I never could have imagined it would be the last game I would remove from my computer.

    I quickly found myself at home in the TrufF comunity and became an administrator with ICEE and Laup Savage as my mentor. After that most of the TrufF comunity started playing on MPUK servers and I moved with them also acting as admin.

    When Dutchnet was shutdown we wanted to preserve that comunity as well. So we copied the look and feel and alot of Dutchnetters followed. Roemanian TDM is still going strong and I also am an admin there.

    I also tried other gams and UT versions but the friendships and comunities I found in UT still draw me back in. That and the fact I always know some players when I join a server made me often say in the last 18 years, that I will be the one to shut down the light.

    Its now 2017 and I still intempt to do that :-)

    Catch you all l8'rzzzzzz
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    Hi Helgar
    As I mentioned I will be taking my daughter to Leiden University next week, I gave mentioned it to quick and dirty so if you are near and fancy a beer . . . . let me know?

    I arrive early Thursday and leave late sunday.
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    Hey - You idea about two servers could mayne solve it, but doubtfull - the lamers is there to annoy other players. So if its only them i think hey would just go the the Deckserver with rules anyhow. If you need a kicker for the Deck ALLweapons, I wouldn't say no to that job. Have shifting weekly workhors, so normally around at all hours of the day.
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    Thank you for your time and reply, you can talk with madrixis i think he knows that i'm a rule follower and not from my person do such thing as what he mentioned.

    I'm really sad about all this situation and if i could go back i would avoid all of this for you admins as for myself.

    i just dont want my name stained by another guy fault!

    Best of Luck
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    my ban id 8704 !!

    i already talked with Madrixis and explained all the situation i tried to speak with you on mIRC but no sucess, so i'll explained here via private message.

    i'll be gladly apreciate if you could reply for some how and we can talk about this.

    Best of Luck
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    hi helgar!

    i sent you a private message explaining my situation i was hoping to have some kind of feedback from you!

    well at least can you tell for how long is the ban plz?

    The situation i just explained to you via private message here on MPUK you said to me send you some!
    and i was s*! on server the guy who got banned!!

    Thks and i'll wait for some feedback!
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    Hi, i was trying to talk with you on mIRC but i was afk for a while since my wife is pregnant i need to do all at home!
    Well i was talking with madrixis and he knows me, and i asked why i did get banned from Multiplay, he said it was of doing impersonating a admin!
    i might say i was not me, how i said to madrixis couple a days i got a friend here in my house that sleeps here for 3 days, and the name "raul" madrixis told me. that name belong to him real name "Raul Pereira", madrixis told me that you got all most logs chats from server and you can see that i'm no person of flaming no one or even insult, i play on multiplay 2 years i never insulted no one and plus never impersonating no one... what was my interests of impersonating anyone? none so i ask you to check my historial from MPUK servers and you see i'm a quiet guy and like to play on my corner, i got almost 30 years old and that thing of impersonating an admin or another player/person is not from a guy with my age.
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