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    Oh yea and Qjacker is just nasty lol ive never seen such bad pizza in all my life!!

    I actually preferred the pub quiz being on friday! It always felt when it was on a saturday that it was a bit of a wind down because the next day a lot were hungover and then it was time to go home monday. Now it feels like its the opening of the event and generally kicked it all off for me brilliant times! Apart from cutting off "Don't Stop Believing" to wish someone happy bday...i might slaughter someone if it happens again lol although the tribute to Linkin Park hit me right in the feels!!

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    Yeah, there's barely been any interesting nightlife or anything past the evening.
    The last amazing evening experience was at i60 with the iMusic Festival. Other than PubQuiz, the events were rather unsociable in its nature for example the daytime gaming/exhibitions (at best it's a 2min competition then they're gone and never seen again).
    But for i60, I came out late that night with a dozen of new buddies after partying, drinking and had a chance to socialise. We hang out at each other's hotel rooms, ate at local restaurants and it was really a unique and awesome experience.

    i61 was bland. Not a single friend was made that day.
    It felt no different than any other boring daytime exhibitions that are mostly just to show off new content in the gaming industry.
    To put it into perspective; I could've just sat at home and watch a streamer do all the stuff at i61 and I wouldn't miss out on anything. At the comfort of my room and wouldn't have to pay for anything.
    i60's night experience was the last of its kind and was something you MUST BE THERE for the thrill and fun.
    Soon "Insomnia" is probably gonna be a typical daylife event just like any other exhibition.

    Insomnia is one of the few exhibitions that indicates "nightlife" in its name, specially with hundreds of people that stay over in hotels and tents. But after about 6pm, it's pretty much dead unless you are into 12 year old kid's musical and stuff like that in your 20s~30s.

    Heck even if the LAST DAY of insomnia is just an all nighter festival with drinks, music artists, music hosts (Monstercat, Xkito, Proximity, Suicidesheep) etc till the sun comes up... that'd be absolutely insane and might be a bigger worldwide attraction. I'd travel to anywhere, at a reasonable price for an event like this and bring my friends along or meet up there.

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