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    Review Insomnia 60

    Considering attending Insomnia 60 as a BYOC guest for the weekend, but got a couple of questions first for those on here that have attended before. I've been as a day visitor, but never for the weekend...

    - What's it like going on your own? i.e. not as part of a gaming clan/group of friends. Is it easy to game with others and if so, what sort of games are most popular?

    - If I do go, going to get a decent laptop for the occasion. Any suggestions around 1k? Overclockers doing any deals for the event?

    Thankx you!

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    We don't do time machines here but if we did they'd probably be the best in the world.

    Insomnia 60 happened months ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexdiner View Post
    We don't do time machines here but if we did they'd probably be the best in the world.
    Oh no they wouldn't. You'd be told you would arrive on a certain date and then actually arrive about two months later.

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    FYI - If you're going to be getting a weekend ticket and then plan on being a BYOC guest then you won't have the space to take your laptop, nor have the facility in place for you to hook up to the network. You'd need to get a BYOC ticket to play games over the weekend.

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