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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengley View Post
    I dedicated half of Saturday to it. It's a fun game and I'm glad I dedicated half a day to it because it was fun to take part in and it wasn't as easy as just 'slapping stickers on him'.

    It didn't take the fun away for anyone else who played, and as your friends who sat near you said, stop being a sore loser and just enjoy the game. It's a game which requires a certain amount of dedication, so if you're unwilling, then don't sign up (as you have said you will not).

    I didn't harass people, I played LanWar with them. They signed up for it knowing full well someone would be looking for them, and that they would be watching their back for the time they were in the game. Of the 10 people I killed, you were the only person who had this sort of problem.

    And I'm not a spotty kid!
    Weren't you supposed to be sat in H2-X18? I kinda remember your name, because I Was H2-X17... except you weren't sat there the whole LAN...

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    Signups for Lanwar at insomnia 47 are open!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mafi View Post
    Weren't you supposed to be sat in H2-X18? I kinda remember your name, because I Was H2-X17... except you weren't sat there the whole LAN...

    That's correct, although this was nothing to do with LanWar and my assassin knew where I was sitting for the entire game (garywoo happens to be my friend)

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