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    Multiplay Bronze 2... yeah who do I talk to about getting that fixed lol

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    Trading Post....or Bristol if you prefer
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    I have both Diamond and Gold Level

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lethalcleric View Post
    I have both Diamond and Gold Level
    I also have both levels of leetness.

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    I had silver nearly gold loyalty but not been since telford..... now:
    Multiplay Bronze 1 Active
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    Membership Level Multiplay Bronze 1
    Total Points 1

    Prob good job I can't se myself going to another iseries!

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    I love LAN! My first was i29 and I have been a huge fan, ever since. I have Gold Level Discount Thingy.

    As I type, I am at StratLAN and yes, I've had a few wines!

    I have previously stated that if they hold the LAN on the moon I would try my best to attend.

    I have not been to the Insomnia event since it moved to the NEC because I hate that feeling of being ripped off.
    I made this very clear when I was a member of the MPUK focus groups at Telford and Ricoh Coventry we LANNERs need good value for money.

    However, I feel that MPUK has moved on to be a hugely profitable subsiduary of Game and perhaps forgotten the LAN-goers.

    LAN needs to be affordable and the NEC prices are crazy! Slashing our discount is just twisting the knife.


    Okay, I know you can make more money having 10,000 or 15,000 people visiting and buying a plastic minecracft sword, three hotdogs and an ice cream, but there's a limit.

    I know Multiplay have an ambition to be a bigger LAN than DreamHack, but this is definately not the way to look after your customers.

    I still love LAN and wish I could afford to go to Insomnia again!

    Best wishes


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    Diamond 10 on the my memberships page here - Also have gold on the entitlements page. Can I use both discounts combined :S

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    Its all about money! They don't care about anyone but themselves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henners View Post
    Diamond 10 on the my memberships page here - Also have gold on the entitlements page. Can I use both discounts combined :S
    No, the second "entitlement" can only be used when you buy a seat for your tent.

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    hope this has a review sometime soon.

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