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    Multiplay Bronze 2... yeah who do I talk to about getting that fixed lol

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    I have both Diamond and Gold Level

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lethalcleric View Post
    I have both Diamond and Gold Level
    I also have both levels of leetness.

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    I had silver nearly gold loyalty but not been since telford..... now:
    Multiplay Bronze 1 Active
    Expiry Date
    Membership Level Multiplay Bronze 1
    Total Points 1

    Prob good job I can't se myself going to another iseries!

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    I love LAN! My first was i29 and I have been a huge fan, ever since. I have Gold Level Discount Thingy.

    As I type, I am at StratLAN and yes, I've had a few wines!

    I have previously stated that if they hold the LAN on the moon I would try my best to attend.

    I have not been to the Insomnia event since it moved to the NEC because I hate that feeling of being ripped off.
    I made this very clear when I was a member of the MPUK focus groups at Telford and Ricoh Coventry we LANNERs need good value for money.

    However, I feel that MPUK has moved on to be a hugely profitable subsiduary of Game and perhaps forgotten the LAN-goers.

    LAN needs to be affordable and the NEC prices are crazy! Slashing our discount is just twisting the knife.


    Okay, I know you can make more money having 10,000 or 15,000 people visiting and buying a plastic minecracft sword, three hotdogs and an ice cream, but there's a limit.

    I know Multiplay have an ambition to be a bigger LAN than DreamHack, but this is definately not the way to look after your customers.

    I still love LAN and wish I could afford to go to Insomnia again!

    Best wishes


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    Diamond 10 on the my memberships page here - Also have gold on the entitlements page. Can I use both discounts combined :S

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    Its all about money! They don't care about anyone but themselves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henners View Post
    Diamond 10 on the my memberships page here - Also have gold on the entitlements page. Can I use both discounts combined :S
    No, the second "entitlement" can only be used when you buy a seat for your tent.

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    hope this has a review sometime soon.

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    On the ticketfactory site, it only lists gold for me, is that where diamond should appear or is there somewhere else to check?

    Oh, wait, it only says silver 3, gold is
    Multiplay Gold 5 Expired

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