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    Help first time visiting

    Can anyone give any advice this will be my first time visiting and we are possibly looking at getting a weekend ticket does anyone know whats in the goodie bag?

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    Hi there!

    I have been for the weekend to Insomnia 4 times now, so hopefully I can give you some good advice!

    Firstly, just know that you will greatly enjoy it! There is so much to do, from watching stage shows (Featuring Youtubers), meet and greets and previewing games from the past and the future. There is also night entertainment, however this is aimed mostly to those over 18.

    The first bit of advice I can provide is for food. Because there is only Subway in the NEC, the queues can get pretty big! So, I would recommend getting Subway an hour before typical "Meal Hours", so at 11-12pm for Lunch, and 4pm for dinner.

    Next, If you are looking to take part in Creator Meet and Greets, prepare yourself for big queues! You could wait around the area before a scheduled meet and greet, but do not wait in the exact location, as staff will move you away due to health and safety.

    Also, If you want to sit in the front rows for stage shows, get there as early as possible! They may make you queue outside of the main stage hall, so make sure you are there in plenty of time to get those seats.

    The most important advice i can give is HAVE FUN! Insomnia is an amazing event, full of fun things to play, buy and watch! It is filled with a lovely community of people, so you may find yourself making friends there!
    We can't wait to welcome you to our community, and I hope you have an amazing time!!!

    The goodie bag is there for anyone who buys a priority access ticket, and I am not sure what is in one as I have never purchased that ticket before. I could imagine it may have a shirt, or some form of Insomnia merchandise, but don't take my word for it.

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    Just to chime in here quickly, there are more options for food than just Subway! How the hell did you miss everything else?!

    Theres a pasty shop, a weatherspoon with full menu, pizza place, sandwiches, fish and chippy, hotdog type place with awesome chips and probably a couple of others I have forgotten. Nothing amazingly healthy but theres more than one option.

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