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    Rust ByGamersForgamers 4/12/2014 4:30 PM CT

    New Rust server-- I would link it but apparently I need 15 posts in order to do so...

    Wiped 4/12/2014
    Server name is: Rust ByGamersForGamers 4/12/2014
    Server located in St. Louis

    Hello everyone, I want to bring to all of you my server, that I and friends have together agreed is needed.
    We all love this game, the potential that it has, but all you all know already, it can be very frustrating, it can even really suck sometimes, when you're forced to play with either Hackers or Abusive admins. We support neither of those things.

    No admins on my server are able to do anything but Kick and/or Ban, for purposes of keeping Hackers and cheaters out.
    I myself will not spawn anything in-game either, not even so much as a torch, because I want to play this game, and that's what I think most of you want as well. I will not teleport anyone out of any holes you get stuck in, I will not give you your things you lost, and I will not teleport around to check and see what everyone's doing. I will be playing the game, as well as other admins, we will solely use our admin powers to keep Hackers and cheaters out.

    The reason I will not help anyone out of any holes you get stuck in, or whatever, is this: If I help you out of a hole, then 5 minutes later someone else is also going to be telling me they need help as well, and let's be honest: You probably got stuck in that hole doing something stupid, that you knew was a bad idea to begin with.


    So past that now, it's a PVP/sleeper enabled server
    Let's have fun and play this game the way it was meant to be played, see you in the game!

    -Active Mods:
    -Chat moderation
    -Door Sharing
    -Rick Ping

    0 Not allowed!
    Last edited by StabbyMcGee; 14th April 2014 at 04:02. Reason: added 2 mods & shortened the server name

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