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    Bad experiences with madcatz uk?

    As anyone had any bad experiences with madcatz uk? If so please post. I bought some peripherals at the last i series in 2012 from there stand and I'm having considerable problems making claims against warranties. I've tried their customer support phone number and online support. But so far (since December2012) they still keep avoiding me.

    Have u bought off them at an I series and were told "we can't print u a receipt but we will email you one." Only to then never get a receipt? Then get denied warranties for not having a receipt?

    If so I would gratefully like to hear how you resolve this. As I'm running out of ideas of how to resolve this and get help...

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    I have brought from them but I did not buy at the event. I brought a few things from their website and was given a reciept through e-mail. I am not sure why they have not sent you one. Sorry about that.

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