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    Best Birthday Present EVA!

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    You have no imagination if you think that's the 'best'.

    Id rather someone gimme a merc or a beamer tbh. **** the little things like that in life

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    Quote Originally Posted by TobyW View Post
    You have no imagination if you think that's the 'best'.

    Id rather someone gimme a merc or a beamer tbh. **** the little things like that in life forgot the idea of a golden ticket for a future event

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    I'd want a friend for a best birthday present ever.
    Failing that, a 1 foot pulled pork sub.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TobyW View Post
    **** the little things like that in life
    What's it like to be dead inside?

    This is indeed a totally awesome gift idea!

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    I got the best present ever last year for my birthday from my parents. It was a unique and valuable
    Frederique Constant wrist watch. It is so preciuos, I only wear it for special events.

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    +1 Birthday Present

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