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    Need help finding games similar to universe at war

    I used to play universe at war: earth assault all the time. I played it for maybe 500+ hours on the xbox 360, but as time went on, I ended up selling my 360 for an xbox one, and now for the last 2-3 years I've been a PC guy. Recently, I've began thinking back on how much fun universe at war was, and how badly I want to play it, but it was removed from the steam store years ago and was instead only sold on the games for windows live store, which no longer exists, and it's also not sold on the windows store on windows 10. I still have an xbox one, but I very highly doubt that microsoft got around to coding universe at war to have backwards compatibility on the xbox one.

    I have two questions; does anyone know if the hard copies of universe at war for the PC still work despite games for window's live dead, and does anyone know of any games similar to universe at war?

    For those who don't know anything about universe at war, I'm looking for an RTS with a very particular kind of mechanic. In universe at war, there was the standard campaign, the standard skirmish-type mode, and there was what I'm looking for, what they called the "scenario" mode. Here's a detailed breakdown of it - the earth gets split into about 40-ish geographical regions, and within this battlefield there's an overworld grand strategy mode, and a per-region traditional rts mode. When you start, you play as one of the 3 factions with control of a small handful of regions, and your goal is to control all of the world's regions. In the overworld, you manage your 3 invasion armies - a small one led by your scout hero, a medium one led by your support hero, and a large one led by your tank hero. You can build units to add to these invasion armies, and move them around to different regions, either to help defend regions you control, or to invade new regions. You can also construct regional superstructures to help bolster your invasion forces, help defend regions you control, and so on. Then, while either defending your own regions, or invading regions controlled by other players, you go from the overworld mode to the RTS mode. I don't feel like I need to explain the rts mode, it was pretty standard rts play from there, the only unique things is that if there's a superstructure built in that region, that'll be the main defending base, instead of a normal base for that faction, and you could request backup from your armies to help invade/ defend the region.

    Sorry if there's a better board this could have been posted on, I'm just desperate to play universe at war or something similar.

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    This forum isn't used anymore by the way.

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