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    Question "Reselling" multiplay servers - liable to tax on money I get?

    Hey! I'm new to the forums so please bear with

    I rent and manage multiplay servers for 'clients' who aren't particularly technically inclined. I make some extra money from this and I'm just intrigued - does this affect my income tax, or count as taxable income? I work part time as I'm a student, so very close to going over the the personal allowance amount according to this salary calculator ( ). Do I need to do anything about this? Hoping someone else does something similar, whether with multiplay or not, and can lend some advice


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    Bizarre business aside (and god knows what the terms and conditions on renting servers are as to whether this is even permitted), it sounds like you are conducting a business and making income from it, so yes you should get professional advice about whether you need to be declaring this and filling out a tax return etc.

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