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    [Eco]Cannot generate new world


    I have tried to regenerate the Eco world on my Multiplay server with ClanForge, but everytime same world is created.

    I deleted world files from ”Files" tab (because "World Management" tab is not working, says"An error occured loading the world info (error: Live control is not supported for this server.)"),
    and edit from "Config" tab, parameters and seeds, but nothing changed.

    I think world data files are deleted correctry, because when I join the server, editing my avatar and tutorial required.

    I doubt the Eco server doesn's read file.
    Can I fix it?


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    Multiplay doesn't allow world generation for Eco on their servers. It gets shutdown by their automated "we're too cheap to run virtualbox" system when it detects no clients connected to the server. You can try logging into the server and then pressing the button, but its potluck if you'll generate a world and can take hours to get the server to generate one.

    If you want to run larger than default worlds then you'll either need to upload them, or cancel your Multiplay subscription.

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