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    Battlefield Heroes are now taking questions?

    The folks over at Battlefield Heroes will be taking some questions here shortly. We will have a limited time to ask any question we want about Battlefield Heroes.

    So I thought it might be a good time to flood their forum with the one question I think most of us have. Will there be native support for Linux?

    Maybe if enough of us post the question more developers might realize that "hey people actually do play games on Linux?"

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    There is a Battlefield 1942 Mod based on BF Heroes, without the customation and effects. But you have the Maps back + real BF 1942 Retro feeling.

    All what you need is:

    1.) The Basic: Download

    2.) Battlefield Heroes v5.2, converted by the great American content creator "Apache Thunder": Download

    Please share it to another communities and in your network?! Be one of the part of the Battlefield Online Retro Scene! Support us!

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