View Full Version : Server map transition crash

16th March 2014, 09:31
Is anyone else getting the black screen which flickering square sometimes between map transitions i know there are a few posts on Battlelog forums about it but not lot so i wanted to know if other people are having the same problem could it be our server or just another BF4 bug ?

17th March 2014, 12:41
Typically this indicates a loss of connection either to the server or the blaze backend.

What error did you get when you where finally dropped back to the desktop?

17th March 2014, 15:52
It never dropped to the desktop but i only left it for about 2 mins you have to ALT&TAB out and shut the game down in task manager.
If it happens again I will try and leave it longer to see if goes back to the desktop.

17th March 2014, 23:02
I had some of my members say the same thing to me of late -- I just thought it was because I was using UMM plugin -- Reading above maybe not the case after all :-( . They are having the same problem when the server finally gets 4 people its then start the REAL game -- Only problem its that they are not making it to the Real game instead they are hanging / stuck on the Black loading screen...

I'm on the maid08 machine what server machine Jaffaman are you on out of interest also are you using Umm plugin in procon?