View Full Version : MAP list.txt

20th February 2014, 16:10
Why is Map list.txt Read only i would like to make my own not Multiplayers list.

Now multiplayer force me to run maps i dont want to do.

21st February 2014, 07:21
HI Silhouett, you can add, remove and re-arrange maps to your heart's content in the 'Maps' tab in ClanForge. If you're having any issues with it pop on our support site (http://support.multiplay.co.uk) and open a ticket, one of our tech monkeys will get back to you as soon as we can :)

21st February 2014, 10:48
It will run your defult anyway fix Maplist.txt must be a BUG.

21st February 2014, 16:14
Check that in startup.txt you haven't got vars.serverType set to official, and remove and vars.mpExperience lines. These will both tell BF4 to ignore your map rotation and use the DICE standard one.

23rd November 2014, 02:05
Hey, a problem relating to map list. I'm still "green" with these servers.

In the server browser there are a few Official gametype servers running the newest Final Stand maps. On my server I seem to only get the basegame maps. Is the dlc maps on Official gametype restricted or something else?

Edit: To clarify, my goal is to create a Official server, and I am curious about any map options.