View Full Version : Cant join my server....

3rd February 2014, 19:15
Just started to get this message on my BF4 server.....

"Could not join this server: game and server version mismatch."

I'm paying for 64 slots, and have submitted a ticket but don't want to wait 3 days for a reply.....

3rd February 2014, 19:21
Whatever happened it emptied 64 players OFF my server. This is the log..

17:45:30 clanforge_auto lon025 Started using profile 'BF4'
17:45:00 clanforge_auto lon025 Stopped using profile 'BF4'

Was this done by a MP staff member?

3rd February 2014, 19:26
Same here:-

Multiplay updated servers to latest patch as requested by dice, but im guessing they have done it too early, as when i try to join i get.

Could not join this server: game and server version mismatch.

I looked on gameservers.com forums, and they state they will be rolling patch out at 00:00 EST which is a fair few hours behind our current time (GMT)

So can only join servers which have not been patched yet.

I guess a client side update by dice will be released soon to make them the same version.

Can multiplay confirm this please? Did you patch to early or is it dice delayng the client update?

No point in posting a support ticket as it will be 24 hours before its read, by which time it will be resolved, just doesn't help at the minute being unable to join our own servers which we pay for.