View Full Version : I've just purchased a BF4 server. Some newbie questions

31st October 2013, 20:05
Sorry if these questions are really simple and I should have worked them out easy enough. Thanks for any replies :)

1. I used to admin a BF2 server and used BF2cc to admin it. Is there a similar tool for BF4 servers or is everything done through the dash board on the web interface?

2. How do I control the admin side of things from inside the game? EG warning and kicking. I know in BF2 I typed in a command into the chat box. I'm assuming I can do the same in BF4 but don't I need to add myself as an admin somewhere? Where in the server setup can I do this?

I think that's it for now

Again thanks for replies

31st October 2013, 20:15
Procon (https://forum.myrcon.com/) established itself as the best solution for BF3. The Procon devs recently went to DICE HQ to ensure it supports BF4. As of a few days ago it supports BF4. With Multiplay (http://forums.multiplay.co.uk/gameservers/96959-procon-layer-hosting#post1157473) becoming an Official host as of yesterday. BF4 support is limited compared to BF3 at the moment as all the community developed plugins need to be updated. This is already happening and we'll no doubt see the results soon.

31st October 2013, 20:35
Brilliant, thanks for the reply Firejack.

Any idea on my other question about setting myself up to use in game commands and how do I use them?

31st October 2013, 21:28
The Procon client works fine for basic functions. I'm not sure about the status of the in-game admin plugin.

Essentially when things are up and running. Enable the in-game admin plugin. Then create yourself a Procon account with the exact Soldier name as you have on Battlelog.

2nd November 2013, 03:28
Thanks for the insight