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29th October 2013, 15:56
Can somebody please post the config. I have been looking everywhere



29th October 2013, 16:23
There is a lot of confusion surrounding Normal preset. Seems the defaults that should work change it to Custom present. I just disabled everything but the essentials. Server now shows as Normal preset.

"Official" server type, "Normal" preset

vars.serverDescription "your description"
vars.serverMessage "your message"
vars.serverType "Official"
vars.mpExperience "OBLITERATION"
vars.gamePassword "$$game_passwd$$"mpExperience options CQCLASSIC, RUSHCLASSIC, TDM0, OBLITERATION, ELIMINATION, SQDMCLASSIC or DOMCLASSIC

"Ranked" server type, "Normal" preset

vars.serverDescription "your description"
vars.serverMessage "your message"
vars.serverType "Ranked"
vars.gamePassword "$$game_passwd$$"

I imagine we'll be able to fully customize the Startup settings soon.

29th October 2013, 17:09
the settings in startup. like do you have the entire list ?

anyone here have startup.cfg for normal conquest preset

29th October 2013, 17:29
Those settings go in your Startup.txt file. Which you choose depends if you want "Official" or "Ranked" server type. Adding the entire list will cause your server to go to "Custom" preset even though it shouldn't. Just use those basics for now.

You can download the servers docs from here: Battlefield 4 - Multiplay Wiki (http://wiki.multiplay.co.uk/Battlefield_4) to view the entire list of Startup options.

29th October 2013, 18:23
There's a bug right now. We've had reports of needing a completely empty startup.txt before servers will show as normal.

1st November 2013, 19:15
Adding the vars.preset line at the end of startup script fixed it for me.

vars.preset "normal"

vars.preset "hardcore"

vars.preset "infantry"

1st November 2013, 21:44
Anyone know if premium only setting still exists?

1st November 2013, 21:49
According to the server admin docs it does. Shows as an unknown command when you try to use it though.