View Full Version : wwwweeeeeee a tfc newb

31st March 2002, 20:34
Hi ive been playing cs for a couple of years and i think im going try tfc out for a while... any tips?

3rd April 2002, 09:18
Dont shoot your own team and avoid being a WHGUY. Start on 2fort map its by far the best. Learn concjumping as this can get you around faster if your a medic/scout.

When you get good at concing or want to get better go onto some concmap servers (www.homelands-uk.org). Youll love the easy one and hate the stupidly hard ones.

3rd April 2002, 11:23
i'd say persoannly from play TFC for over 2 years that this would be the best bet.

1) Play each class and learn what they are capable of.

2) Try avoid being a LLAMA on public.. i know it's easy to just go HWGUY and spam and chain gun anything in sight AS THIS CAN BE VERY ANOYING *ahem*

3) learn concing or ask some1 to help you learn .. play for say 2 months learning the classes.. as the aim etc can be very different to CS and u don't die quite so fast (usually ;) )

4) Join a TFC clan as there is no better way to learn the game that playing clan/league matches.

as you playing skills improve u can then use the l33 speak and tell every1 u meet that "i 0wn j00" or "ur a n00bi3" etc :D