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14th July 2006, 17:59
didnt know much about the game, but omfg its good.

its a well thought game, and its only going to get better once we get more servers only and people start using TS and hunt in packs :)

/me goes back to talking to bots to stop his char getting depression :D

14th July 2006, 18:29
downloading now at a rate of 24k/sec.....

14th July 2006, 18:50
weeeeeeeeeeeeee mine came down at a whopping 100k :D

14th July 2006, 19:09
I'll play tonight after PFTV.

20th July 2006, 08:03
Was playing with bonio last night. thanks for putting up a server guys. Whats the witness number/time settings by the way?

20th July 2006, 08:18
Haven't let Steam load in over a year. Is this worth it? Do I need to now? How many weeks will it take to download all the updates?

20th July 2006, 08:33
okay so here we go with the newbie question .. but...

I found a few websites about "the ship" but I could not find any clear links that said download or buy !

20th July 2006, 08:44
You buy it through Steam directly.

20th July 2006, 10:32
The Ship is fun, but the main fun comes from hunting people you are on ts with, i can see it being a fun lan game (come lantime i'll be badgering people to play)

22nd July 2006, 00:11
Yeah, definitely going to be a really fun LAN game.
(Mine came down at 400k/sec - get a real ISP)

http://forum.theshiponline.com/showthread.php?t=494 is a good FAQ.

23rd July 2006, 14:29
very good game!