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1st February 2005, 13:28
I'm playing half life 2 in single player.

I want to customise the cursor colour and I want to be able to shoot and zoom.

It's really annoying the cursor is hard to distinguish from combine heads and the backgrounds.

Any one know of an sp mod or tweak to 'enable' these?

1st February 2005, 13:40
some useful (not sure how complete) commands here:


1st February 2005, 13:46
you answered your own question

2nd February 2005, 02:19
Self help really works.

/me returns to worshipping google

2nd February 2005, 15:11
did I?

I've not been through the command list totally.

4th February 2005, 08:51
Still not found any help. Curiously this functionality isn't beyond the game and you can zoom in and fire whilst using the river boat.

4th February 2005, 10:39
the zooming block may be for balance issues, a sniper magnum would be a little unfair, it's just the way they made the game. a workaround would be zoom in, aim at (stationary)target, zoom out leave the mouse still and fire. the pistols are very accurate over long range.

for the sights, you would need to extract out the existing sights from the .gcf file (google for gcfscape). recolour them (assuming colour isn't done by the game) then place the coloured sights in the equivalent directory in F:\Steam\SteamApps\steamid\half-life 2 as it is in the gcf. similar to doing the same in hl1/cs/css....