View Full Version : HL2DM League. Clans needed

21st December 2004, 20:05

Let me introduce myself first. I am Recon.UK|Fats (was -=[KOA]=-Fatboy) I was recently appointed manager of the HL2DM side for Recon.uk (www.recon-uk.net) I was told that the team would be entered into the Clanbase HL2 league, But with my past experience I have found that ClanBase is not a great site and the leagues in there are usually quite poor (I ran a cs clan called -=[KOA]=- for 4 years and we were in clanbase for about a year before we found somewhere else)

So in my quest to find a good HL2 league I was unhappy to say that I came up empty handed. So rather then give up I thought I'd go to ED (Enemydown.co.uk) and see if I could get them to start a HL2 ladder. They said that they didn't think there was enough interest in the game but would start one if there was enough interest. So thats what I'm doing

I'm here to ask you to go along to this URL here http://www.enemydown.co.uk/forumreplies.php?id=20757
and post on the forum if you and your clan are interested in Participating in a ED HL2 ladder.

Thanks in advance