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7th December 2004, 20:09

I've just learned how to make maps for HL2, i've been making simple maps for HL2 DM thing is i can't think of any thing to make, anyways I had an idearm, I would need a team of 5-10 people, then one would start off the map, makes a simple room or something then then they pass it on to the next in the team and they add a little bit to it and so on, untill its been round a couple of times and then see what the out come is.

So if any one is intrested please feel free to join in.

This is opened to any skilled mappers, i'm a newbie myself.

Thanks Rizzo :D

8th December 2004, 22:07
i'm up for it. if you start and PM me when your done i'll add to it

8th December 2004, 23:53
Nice :D But I think I would like some more people befor I start to make it, be more intresting.

9th December 2004, 01:11
i know a bit of mapping. i'm not 2 good at it. i just like making stuff. but i can make breakable windows and ladders and that kinda stuff. not worked out how to get stuff in there u can pick up with the grav gun tho yet.

9th December 2004, 15:42
Cool i've gotta find out how to make doors and windows i can only do simple stuff anyways i start something soon and past it on to who eva is next :D

9th December 2004, 19:11
glass is easy just make a square of glass and right click it and select tie to entity. then select func_breakable default is glass i think. but there are other typed. wood. concrete. etc

9th December 2004, 19:16
ooo thank you :D

12th December 2004, 22:41
Okies so I spent all day doing my bed room :D anyways I think we will start with this, right just add to it make a downstairs or something then post it back here.

map (http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/winmxit/rizzos_bedroom.rar)

14th December 2004, 15:02
What do you use to make the maps, that Hammer Proggy that comes with the game?
I've heard there's a Radient type program for it, not sure where to get it from though, if there is such a program. If there is, does anyone know where to get it from? Hammer looks like a pain to use tbh.

14th December 2004, 17:36
I'm having trouble getting things like computers and blocks etc to appear in the game. there thre. but there invisible. maybe i'm adding them wrongly. how have you been doing it?

14th December 2004, 23:15
Originally posted by Storm
Hammer looks like a pain to use tbh.

the hammer editor is really easy to use and learn. i have tried a few different level editors and it is by far my favorite

26th December 2004, 20:25
added a 3 lane bowling alley with watermellons and bottles, watermellons respawn. just playing with some physics now.... have a mellon masher. and i have barny hanging from a roper from the cealing. but there is an error and it doesnt quite work properly. gonna work on a vending machne that works now that fires saw blades at your ancles...

26th December 2004, 20:25
i cant spell! ah **** it. you get the jist :p