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14th August 2003, 00:11
Hi all, this is the new BG MultyPlayer Forums

If u have some problem or question, about mod, MP server or any problem, just ask here!!

U can find me on:

Multiplay.co.uk :: Battlegrounds Public 2

Multiplay.co.uk :: Battlegrounds Public



27th August 2003, 02:25

28th August 2003, 00:30
aye, Move on!!

any clans around for this yet?

28th August 2003, 16:30
not that i know of although i would be well up for playing if there was, such a funny game.

28th August 2003, 18:20
Couple of clans i know setting up, some lads from a clan Kryptic Korps or [o] . www.kryptickorps.co.uk

And OwP www.onlinewarfarepact.org are also tying to create one and another clan called Apoc.

Are you lads in the know about BG servers IE any extra settings in the configs, been trying to get the modders or other server operators attention but with with no luck yet, just don't know if they have added any different vasriables we could try.