View Full Version : Decent HL2 pics

11th May 2003, 23:17
here (http://hl2hc.halflife.org/pics/screenshots/) (working on date of post)

Some repeated and others on mine (http://bootz.dynu.com/)

and the only vid you need really with has the 8 E3 vids included, with G-man footage and few other bits left out. Comes in at 587mb from Fileplanet:

gNFLw60Dhseq7zOtOW[gH0w11erlDt7VVlhW6VTTHQaT08cmlGBMkN2aWF3WXpAEFNBtk OMo9BpId3fR9YVO4HZazZdh2OlbKVx07pmdwHm[c]0w]mEYWs2Gvvi34sNxsmeXddkGuUB2fxyvGH4JSi6WTebeOGHvI]rlFNCRXwZ][VXrL6frbK4j0Erh3wP8kJKEyPApBcmhQ8IIBymHcN2g9JKm1Qw mNorWyuq9trJo37x[xqq5]wosLaoz0IVw6SK39GgFTb1RvdLzOdw7aoDzU0XvPSiIjeouQtD mR0xn77qxe2s0] (http://www.fileplanet.com/download.aspx?f=123983&noloop=1&plprof=761yJfv[hZC)

Apologies for url, but it includes ] in it, hence looks ugly here, but link works.