View Full Version : BF4 Community Evening - Saturday 13 September

30th August 2014, 16:53
I promised to organise a big get together of BF4 players from a range of different communities, so here we go! I'm going to try and involve as many people as possible from the OcUK, MLG and Scan community (and of course anybody else who wishes to join). It will be a good opportunity for old and new faces to play together, enjoy the banter and hopefully bring some more players into the respective communities.

Initially, I'm looking to run it on Saturday 13th September commencing at about 19:30 GMT. With regards to the server, I'm still a bit unsure what to do as I have two options:

(1) Find an empty 64 player server on the day/evening and take it over for the night.
(2) Borrow a server for the evening and set it up running a variety of vanilla maps giving us much more control.

Whatever happens, it will be a ranked server so it's highly likely that random folk will join too, which isn't so much of a bad thing.

First thing's first - are you interested? I'd like to get as many people online as possible as I think it would be a great evening so please ask around other communities you are part of or know of.


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