Play the staff @ BF3

"Get to the chopper!"

Just a friendly reminder that tonight at 8pm GMT the staff here at Multiplay will be on our "play the staff" server - a 64 player massacre of everyone that wishes to try us on. Tonight we will try and get as many non-staff onto the same team, so you can see if you can stand against the mighty Multiplay!

Battlefield 3 Server - Multiplay Play The Staff Server
Voice Comms - Click here to jump straight into the Teamspeak server!

In the TS server you should see 2 channels that matter - "Staff" and "Everyone Else". They are fairly self explanatory so join the right one, and our admins will organise you if the teams are unbalanced.

Download Teamspeak 3, become a fan of the Multiplay Platoon and join the Multiplay Steam group.


Posted By: Kharne