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    Post Fun Tournaments and Competitions


    If you think that in order to have fun at our events that you need a team of top professionals that can shoot the wings off of a fly from 100 paces? We do indeed host tournaments for players with such incredible skill, but we love the average Joe gamer, since that is what we are too! This is where our Fun Tournaments come into play! Here are just some of the awesome fun competitions we are hosting for those that might not make it all the way the prize money competitions:

    • Counter-Strike: Source - Intermediate and Lower Brackets for those that do not finish top of their groups in our prize winning tournament. Get to play teams around your skill level throughout the weekend!
    • Call of Duty 4 - Fun competition run after the group stages of the prize tournament. Probably 5v5 SnD but you can always suggest something else.
    • Team Fortress 2 - Fun tournament taking place also after the group stages of the prize winning competition.
    • Xbox - Modern Warfare 3 - The WGL team are planning to run some fun (and maybe more prize winning) tournaments for you to take part in.
    • Fighting Games - All day Friday we will have open challenges in the tournament area. Just come and join in, see if you can learn from the best!
    • Battlefield 3 - We will scheduling some epic 64 players games of BF3 for everyone to take part in. Just join the server, form a small squad, and shoot down some planes/friends/enemies/buildings/peoples faces/insert further comedy option here.
    • iHunt - a unique competition where you follow clues in the physical and cyber worlds and try to be first to get to the prize. You need some quick thinking and good eyes to win this one. This is open to everyone.
    • Starcraft 2 - Late night "Monobattles". Grab a team of 4 and enter this ridonculous (yes I just said that) fun competition where you can only make one type of unit in 4v4 battles. This will run late into one night so part of the difficulty will be how many energy drinks you can stack up on to stay awake!
    • The World Famous Pub Quiz - get in teams of 10 and take part in the most fun pub quiz the world has ever seen! This takes place in pride of place on Saturday evening in the main arena for the ultimate geeky quiz.
    • Boat Race - Taking place after the Pub Quiz, Punters take on Multiplay in a team battle of hasty imbibement.
    • Projector Games - Once again Projector Games are returning, with big screen games played with more players then you can shake a stick simultaneously at, this unique experience is available in our exhibition hall at Insomnia45.

    If you have any other suggestions then jump onto our forums and let us know! If these seem like your kind of fun then grab your ticket and we will see you there!

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    We loved the guy in the graphic - hence we used him twice!

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    Still no officially scheduled hide the sausage?

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