We are always looking to make the Insomnia Gaming Festival bigger & better, and with our new venue comes new investment in our video coverage to take it to the next level; into High Definition!

This is something that we have been looking to do for the last couple of events, as expectations of video coverage quality have increased dramatically in the last 12 months, and games such as SC2 use such finite detail for game information that it means SD simply does not cut it any more.

Surely HD is something that is easy to do these days though right?

Well, despite many people being able to easily produce HD content from home on streams and VODs with webcams, its much harder & expensive to do so in a production environment such as the finals arena with so many video inputs, PCs, cameras and audio sources! Our awesome content team have been working hard to put together a solution that will enable us to do just that however, and it will all be ready for i43!

Our new kit enables us to move to a HD stream at 720p, with the ability to upgrade to 1080p when the time calls for it, so you will be able to enjoy all our streaming and VOD coverage of all the games in glorious High Definition

We will have more information on what we have planned for the finals arena closer to the event, so keep an eye on the Insomnia site for more news in the coming weeks.

Posted By: ShedBOy^